I'm in my mid 30's and have been gaming ever since the days of the Atari. When in their prime, I've owned and extensively played the Atari, Vectrex, Colecovision, Nintendo, Turbo Grafx 16, Genesis, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, 3DO (paid $599 at launch!), Playstation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast... and then I entered university :) In experiencing all of these retro consoles, I personally know and can recommend great titles.
I've been seriously collecting for the last 20 yrs and am a member of Digital Press and CGCC.ca.
The bulk of my collection as well as games I find out in the wild will be slowly listed on the site from time to time. Lots of high end items still unlisted including a bunch of sealed Nintendo games and Nintendo World Championship Memorabilia.


HitpointZ pays homage to an old game store in North Winnipeg that I used to frequent as a kid called Hitpoints. The place was amazing with an arcade section that included Bubble Bobble, lots of comics and D&D board games and figures. If anyone remembers this place or knows what happened to it, please let me know :)
HitpointZ is run by myself and my wife who manages the site/ads from home.


LOCALLY: If you reply to one of my Kijiji ads, you'll get a detailed reply explaining where I meet people and my availability. I NEVER allow people in my house and meet all my customers outside at a busy, well exposed intersection close to where I live (see location for pictures, maps etc).
SHIPPING: I ship to anywhere in Canada and the United States (please inquire if located else ware). Payment must be made up front via PayPal and all shipments are final (see Shipping section for more details)


Regarding the items I sell, everything I get is cleaned toughly and tested. Photos showing the item functioning (when possible) are provided in the ad and the item is described in detail. Any issues and I provide a 7 day guarantee.

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